Watch Marlon Wayans Creep Out Everyone On This ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Preview

Marlon Wayans just had a “too much” moment. It happens far too often. Featured on this week’s episode of Lip Sync Battle, things should have gone just fine. It started out that way, as he picked Pharrell‘s mega hit “Happy,” a song pretty much everyone knows. Then, it happens: He just does too much.

After feeling himself too much, he approaches Queen Latifah to serenade her — “Happy” not being quite the serenade song, but sure — and then serenading quickly turns to groping. Shortly after, he lunges toward LL Cool J. Maybe Marlon is unaware, but LL Cool J is super built and would probably crush him, almost like a jellybean. Anyone familiar with Marlon Wayans knows he’s prone to going over the line (it’s basically the premise for all of his movies), but America can now cringe in unison while watching the actual effects of his actions. And that’s just the preview. You can watch the full thing on Thursday night.

(Via Spike)