Marshmello And Anne-Marie’s New Collab ‘Friends’ Is A Glittering, Inescapable Kiss-Off

I guess I’m going to have to be the one to tell you — Marshmello has a new song out today, and it’s a banger. Like, it’s the level of unescapable that I most closely associate with the first time I heard The Chainsmokers wobbly pop ballad “Paris.” Fortunately for us, this song does not feature one of those two bros on vocals, but the buzzy UK pop singer Anne-Marie, who has been burning up charts on either side of the pond and, fun fact, is also a karate champion (??) So cool.

Maybe that’s why she strikes the perfect balance between disdain and aggression on “Friends,” a track designed to tell off that guy in your life who just won’t get the message that you’re not interested in him that way. There are at least three guys in my phone I would love to send this Youtube link to right now, and I’m sure plenty of my peers feel the same way.

Last time Marshmello was on my radar, it was for collaborating with Selena Gomez, and unfortunately “Wolves” didn’t live up to the trajectory she’d been setting herself up for on “Fetish” and “Bad Liar.” However, this song has the opposite effect — it makes me interested in Anne-Marie even though I hadn’t hear her before.

Listen up above and get ready to hear this song everywhere, or just streaming out the windows of my car while I joyride down Sunset.