Mary J. Blige Thinks Her New Album Is Going To ‘Blow Everybody’s Mind’

Though Mary J. Blige‘s last album, Strength Of A Woman, only came out four years ago, in 2017, she’s already ready to blow fans minds with a whole new record. That album might’ve had a Kanye verse, and Blige went on to get nominated and perform at The Oscars the following year, she’s still convinced that her new material is going throw fans for a loop. During a recent appearance on Tamron Hall, the legendary R&B star opened up about some of what she went through, a very public divorce included, that inspired this next project.

“Wait till you hear it, it’s gonna blow everybody’s mind,” Blige said. “And it’s because it’s something I had to do, and something I had to say when I was in my darkest, darkest moments in that life, to build myself up to this person that I can see and accept my nose, accept my eyes, accept my cheeks, accept all the things that I used to hate. When I wake up with no hair and makeup, I’m accepting that chick that goes to the bathroom and I like her. I hang out with myself a lot. I’m my own best friend.”

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