Master P Believes Drake And Kanye West’s Teams Are Partly Responsible For Their Beef

Drake and Kanye West’s long-running beef ramped up towards the end of August after the rappers traded a pair of disses — Kanye’s on his new album Donda, Drake’s on a guest verse with Trippie Redd. Things further amplified when Kanye posted the home address of Drake’s Toronto mansion. Drake’s response to that seemed to come on “7am on Bridle Path,” from his newly-released sixth album Certified Lover Boy. He then leaked Kanye’s unreleased track “Life Of The Party,” which featured a stellar verse from Andre 3000.

There’s no telling where things will go next, but according to Master P, the blame doesn’t lie with Drake and Kanye. “I think it’s the people around them,” he said during an interview with Allison Interviews. “You have to have people giving you better advice, and you have to hold yourself accountable. I’ve always had self-accountability. And start thinking about what you say or what you do, and how it affects and hurts other people, and how you wouldn’t want that to be happening to you and your family. [There’s] a lot of self-hate.”

“I would rather sit in the sewer and eat cheese with rats than sit at a nice restaurant and drink champagne and eat lobster and steak with a snake, and I think that’s what a lot of us are doing,” Master P added. “When you get to that level of the game like some of these artists, why lose what you have? Once you get killed or go to jail there’s no turning back.”

You can listen to Mater P’s full interview on Allison Interviews here.