Maxo Kream Unveils What The Afterlife Looks Like For A ‘Cripstian’ In His New Video

Maxo Kream dropped a new album, Weight Of The World, earlier this week. Now he returns with a new video for the album’s opening track, “Cripstian.” It follows a young man who finds himself stepping onto a lavish estate after dying in the back of an ambulance. Upon entering the building and running into family members and friends who presumably passed away, he realizes that he’s in the afterlife.

“Cripstian” joins “Big Persona,” “Greener Knots,” and “Local Joker” as songs from Weight Of The World to receive the video treatment. Throughout the album’s 16 songs are guest appearances from Tyler The Creator, ASAP Rocky, Freddie Gibbs, and fellow Houston natives Monaleo and Don Toliver. It arrived on Monday, October 18, which goes against the industry’s tradition of releasing albums on Fridays, but in a trailer that Maxo released before dropping Weight Of The World, he explained why he chose that date.

“10/18 is symbolic,” he says. “10/18 hold a lot of weight. That’s the day Woodrow [his late cousin] died, you feel me? And that’s the same day Jalae [his niece] was born, and that’s the first show Mmadu [his younger brother] ever missed.”

You can watch the video for “Cripstian” above.

Weight Of The World is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.