Maxo Kream Continues His Comeback With Tyler The Creator And Their Boisterous ‘Big Persona’ Video

Houston rapper Maxo Kream recently announced his return to the rap game with “Local Joker,” ending a two-year hiatus that began shortly after the release of his second studio album, Brandon Banks. That album’s follow-up, Weight Of The World, is now on the way with an October due date and in the meantime, Maxo has offered up a preview in the form of the album’s latest single, “Big Persona” featuring Tyler The Creator, who also produced its boisterous beat.

Tyler and Maxo cruise in a Rolls-Royce truck in the video, which sees Tyler embracing his new bellhop persona, once again showing off his luxury luggage collection, while Maxo embraces his lady’s baby belly in anticipation of his impending fatherhood. Meanwhile, the title “Big Persona” does double duty, not only describing the rappers’ charismatic public images but also paying tribute to Maxo’s late brother. Persona is also the name of Maxo’s streetwear brand and label, further expanding on the creative play on words.

Weight Of The World will continue to honor Maxo’s brother, detailing his life and taking stock of the impact of his absence. Family has long figured into Maxo’s work; Brandon Banks similarly focused on the generational qualities he inherited from his father.

Check out Maxo Kream’s “Big Persona” video with Tyler The Creator above.