Maya Jane Coles’ First Album In Four Years Is A Brilliant Love Letter To Electronic Music

08.24.17 7 months ago

Motormouth Media

At nearly two hours, Maya Jane Coles’ Take Flight demands time and commitment from her listeners, and offers an escape in return. The album’s title functions as words of encouragement, with the music itself acting as provocation to follow Coles along into the dense and thrilling world she’s created.

The album is the long-awaited follow up to her 2013 debut album Comfort, which drew particular attention for its quality, oh and the fact that she wrote, produced, arranged, mixed, engineered and released everything herself. Coles circled the globe many times over to support the album, and when she’d returned to recording in 2015 she did so by issuing a debut album from her dubstep side project, Nocturnal Sunshine.

So Take Flight has been a long time coming, and in a sense it feels like Coles is offering such a substantive sophomore record to make up for the time between albums, but it also feels like the length is much more purposeful than just serving as a way to placate patient fans.

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