Hans Moleman Finally Gets Some Love In This New MC Lars Video

The Simpsons and music, as our recent piece about the top 20 musical guest stars shows, go hand in hand. However, despite this, there has been a dearth of music about the most beloved, influential piece of pop culture in the history of time. Sure, Fall Out Boy exists, and Mitski has a great album called Bury Me At Make Out Creek, but the content of the music does not take the time to really breakdown the world of Springfield. Fortunately, MC Lars has stepped into the void. He has released a new music video for a song from his upcoming The Zombie Dinosaur LP called “The Ballad of Hans Moleman.”

Simpsons fans don’t need any background on the legendary Hans Moleman, perhaps the unluckiest man in a city full of unlucky folks. MC Lars’ song goes through a lot of the mishaps that have befallen Moleman, including the time Mr. Burns drilled into his head under the assumption he was a leprechaun. Musically, the song is adequate, but for those who love The Simpsons, and Moleman, it’s definitely worth checking out. Moleman has gotten knocked down so much over the years. It’s nice that somebody took the time to pay him a well-deserved tribute. Man Getting Hit with Football may have ended up losing to Pukahontas, but Barney never got a rap song recorded in his name.

(Via AV Club)