Please Read Megan Fox’s Bonkers Quote About Being In Love With Machine Gun Kelly

Though 2020 has been chock full of decidedly surprising and even mind-blowing things, it’s safe to say that many people who formerly thought they disliked Machine Gun Kelly have been proven wrong by his new album, Tickets To My Downfall. The album even went No. 1, a solid benchmark for commercial success. Former haters have morphed into fans, and MGK has become the kind of pop-punk star (rapper?) that’s cool enough to grace the cover of ultra-cool mag Nylon. Nice.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s profiled by none other than Naomi Fry, New Yorker staff writer and definitely one of the funniest and best culture writers in the game right now. You should read her piece on MGK in full, but well, if your brain is short circuited from election drama, fake recounts, a pandemic, unemployment, and the men who insist on wearing masks below their noses, then let me pull out the most choice quote for you right here in this blog post. As first called out by Tyler McCall on Twitter, Fox compares their relationship to… a tsunami.

Describing her relationship with MGK as a “once in a lifetime thing” and a connection of “mythic proportions,” Fox went on: “Loving him is like being in love with a tsunami or a forest fire. The intensity of merging with him is just overwhelming, and the threat it poses is so powerful but so beautiful that you have no choice to surrender with reverence and with gratitude.”

There you have it, that’s what dating MGK is like. And my gratitude, Megan, for that description. Anyway, here’s my favorite song off Tickets To My Downfall: