Megan Thee Stallion Shares The First Episode Of ‘Hottieween,’ Her Spooky New Web Series

Megan Thee Stallion recently said she was working on a script for a horror film, and it turns out her love for the genre is pretty serious. She hasn’t released that horror film yet, but she has shared the first episode of a new Halloween-themed web series, Hottieween.

The first episode is titled “Love Bites,” and was directed by Megan herself. The YouTube description summarizes the episode, “EPISODE 1: LOVE BITES introduces us to our protagonist, Megan Thee Stallion, P.I. in her hometown of Stallion County. When a vicious group of Fuccbois take over town, Megan and her trusty sidekick Janine (Jay Cole) are on the case. A chance encounter with the mysterious Archimedes (Dave East) provides leads and a potentially undying relationship.”

This comes shortly after Megan said in a recent interview that she is working on a script for a horror movie, adding, “Everyone knows I f*cking love horror movies,” and that her favorite of the genre is Evil Dead. She continues, “I like movies that make you semi-fall in love with the villain, so you have sympathy for him, you’re not going to want to villain to die, maybe he won’t die. Because I feel like every good story, you can’t necessarily just kill off the villain. That’s why Batman never killed the Joker. How the f*ck would you have Batman with no Joker?”

Watch the first episode of Hottieween above.