Megan Thee Stallion Explains How Fans Start Most Female Rapper Beef

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Megan Thee Stallion recently took some time away from saving the world to sit down the Joe Budden. The Texas rapper appeared on his interview-based web series “Pull Up” to promote her new album Fever and discuss her continued rise to stardom. Part way through their chat, the “Big ‘Ol Freak” rapper broke down why she feels she makes such a concerted effort to connect with other up-and-coming female rappers.

“All the new girls that I’m cool with, I try to keep us all together,” she told Budden. “Because a lot of beef between women gets started because of their fanbases, I feel like.”

The dynamic that Megan is referring to has unfortunately been a very present dynamic in rap fandom for some time. Most recently, it sprouted its ugly head during the meteoric rise of Bronx rapper Cardi B. While many celebrated the addition of a new, vibrant female personality to rap’s male-dominated landscape, others sought to pit her against fellow female rapper and reigning “Queen of New York” Nicki Minaj. Animus boiled between the two for months before peaking last fall when the pair of rappers got into a physical altercation outside a party at New York Fashion Week.

Megan seems to be taking proactive steps to avoid this kind of fan-generated bitterness between her and her female rap peers, saying, “Let’s all get to know each other. Let’s be cool because when the fans see that girls are being nice to each other that makes them lessen that drama.”