Megan Thee Stallion Is Teaming Up With Popeyes To Release Her Own ‘Hottie Sauce’ And Merchandise

McDonald’s isn’t the only fast-food chain collaborating with rappers lately. Popeyes — which previously collaborated with Uber Eats and Migos — is joining the fun bringing Megan Thee Stallion for a theme-appropriate Megan Thee Hottie Sauce, as well as merchandise. In a press release, Popeye’s describes the sauce, saying it flaunts a sweet, yet bold flavor with a hint of spice, inspired by Megan’s sassy personality,” and revealing some of the ingredients, including Aleppo pepper, cider vinegar, honey. The sauce will be available starting October 19 as an option for the chicken sandwich and the newly added chicken nuggets.

Additionally, the food chain announced that Meg has purchased a Popeyes franchise — however, there was no information on the location or when it’d open. According to AdWeek, the merchandise collection will include bikinis, hats, shirts, and even plush dog toys shaped like chicken tenders (Meg’s French bulldog, 4oe, is almost as famous as she is on Instagram). Finally, the partnership will also be making a “six-figure donation” to Houston Random Acts of Kindness. AdWeek notes that the partnership is a departure from prior food-food-rapper bids, like Taco Bell naming Lil Nas X its “Chief Impact Officer,” due to the inclusion of Megan’s franchise ownership.

Watch the ad announcing the new Hottie sauce above and keep your eyes peeled for merch and more on 10/19.