Metric’s Black And White ‘Love You Back’ Video Was Made With A Lot Of Help From Their Fans

Canadian alt-rockers Metric are gearing up to embark on a North American tour in support of their 2018 album, Art Of Doubt: It kicks off in Cleveland on February 11. Before they head out to perform for their fans, though, the group has just shared a video that wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Metric’s new video for “Love You Back” was made with footage fans submitted to the group, and Emily Haines said of the clip, “The video for ‘Love You Back’ is performed by fans, each owning the song in their own way. It’s addictive to watch, like a version of Instagram in an alternate reality where people are way less concerned about crafting the perfect image of happiness and instead are just feeling it, and expressing it, for real, IRL.” She also said of the song:

“‘Love You Back’ is about making a decision to stop being miserable. We get trapped in past incarnations of ourselves and decide that nothing can ever change. I’ve been held in place with wire and lace and waltzed around the drain. In the tension between a very dull standard of conventional morality and an intense desire to break out of it, our fixed ideas of ourselves and fear of any negative outside perception keep holding us back. What we desperately want is to ditch all that and be free.”

Watch the video for “Love You Back” above, and revisit our review of Art Of Doubt here.

Art Of Doubt is out now via Metric Music International. Get it here.