Michael Jackson’s Family Defends His Legacy In ‘Neverland Firsthand,’ A New Documentary

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Ever since the Leaving Neverland documentary, Michael Jackson’s reputation has been permanently tarnished in the eyes of many. That said, there are some who are still defending Jackson, like his family. Now there is a new documentary called Neverland Firsthand: Investigating The Michael Jackson Documentary, in which Jackson’s family and others who were close to Jackson stand up for the singer.

The 30-minute film from journalist Liam McEwan was uploaded to YouTube on March 30, but it has gained wider attention in recent days. In the new documentary, Jackson’s niece, Brandi Jackson, said that she and Leaving Neverland accuser Wade Robson dated for over seven years, and she claims that Leaving Neverland is an example of him being opportunistic: “He has always been a bit of an opportunist. He knows how to position himself in different situations that will benefit him in a financial way. Once other jobs weren’t coming through, this was his next outlet.”

Jackson’s longtime technical director, Brad Sundberg, also spoke in the documentary, and said he is skeptical of the claims made against Jackson: “Not in a million years did I ever see a child around Michael Jackson that looked like they had been distressed, hurt, or abused. I can’t put my hand on a bible and say, ‘Absolutely nothing happened in that room.’ There just wasn’t a sense of [any] wrongdoing.”

McEwan wrote in the Neverland Firsthand video description:

Neverland Firsthand: Investigating The Michael Jackson Documentary is a mini-documentary which further explores allegations made in HBO’s Leaving Neverland, that the King Of Pop sexually abused two young boys. Through interviews with those closest to the situation, as well as members of Jackson’s family, the film sheds light on information that was excluded from HBO’s broadcast.

Sexual violence is never to be taken lightly.
This film was not made to degrade victims or devalue their statements.”

Watch Neverland Firsthand: Investigating The Michael Jackson Documentary below.