Michael Jackson Patented His Very Own ‘Smooth Criminal’-Inspired Anti-Gravity Shoes

Who could forget the way Michael Jackson seemingly defied gravity in his video for “Smooth Criminal”? The fancy footwork in that 1987 clip was made possible by using wires, but the King of Pop himself sought to recreate that same magic for his live performances.

In order to do so, Jackson and two co-inventors created a special pair of futuristic kicks, for which they received an official U.S. patent in 1993. Per Mashable:

A slot in the heel engaged with a peg, which could be raised and protruded through the stage floor when activated. With the heel fixed, the performer could lean forward into the attached ankle straps. (However, the move would have required some strength in the legs and upper body to achieve and maintain this position.)

The shoes didn’t prove to be a foolproof product, however. Three years later, during a show in Moscow, one of the heels came loose. Jackson was knocked off his feet, and, unfortunately, that was the end of that particular shoe design.

Below, check out pictures of the 1993 patent, followed by the “Smooth Criminal” video:

[Via Mashable]