Michael Jordan Watched The Miley Cyrus '23' Video And Had The Appropriate Response

If you missed the Miley Cyrus video for the song ’23,’ it features Miley trying to impress a bunch of rappers by smoking, wearing a Michael Jordan jersey as a diaper and pretending she knows what being “high on purp” means. Actually if you missed it I compiled the 23 worst things about it over at UPROXX Music, so give that a run-through and meet me back here when you’re done.

The most lingering question about the video (besides “who is gonna buy this spec script I wrote for Space Jam 11“) is, “what would Michael Jordan think of it?” To everyone in the clip “Jordans” just means shoes, right? I bet Miley got a crate of Jordan jerseys from her seamstress or whatever and was all, “WHO’S JORDAN, MUH NAME’S MILEY” and started scribbling on it in permanent marker.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet (and an assist from Space Jam 1), we know have MJ’s reaction.

Now all we need is for a space monster to zap Miley and steal her yokel ass-shaking powers.

In a related story, here’s Hulk Hogan parodying Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ video by riding a wrecking ball in a thong to promote HOSTAMANIA, which is a lot like PASTAMANIA but with hosts? I don’t know, I blacked out near the end of this and can’t remember anything.

That’s bad for you.

[h/t to Extra Mustard]