Michael Shannon Lip-Synced To R.E.M. Like It’s The End Of The World, And We Should All Feel Fine

There have been some memorable Lip Sync Battle performances in the past. Who could forget Cindy Crawford in a bathtub, or Hayley Atwell getting her Lady Gaga on, or greatness paired with greatness when Beyonce ran the world with Channing Tatum? Well, no offense to the dream team of Olivia Munn and Big Show (?!), but you’ve been overshadowed by General Zod.

Michael Shannon competed against Rachel Bloom on last night’s Lip Sync Battle. Now, you might think the Golden Globe-winning star of the CW’s delightful Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would easily triumph, because her show is a comedy-musical, and to succeed on Lip Sync Battle, you need to be good at both. You’d be wrong. Bloom was great, giving a uniquely nerdy spin to Katy Perry’s triumphant “Teenage Dream,” but lest we forget, Shannon is a singer himself. Also, he looks like an insane person while singing the R.E.M. classic “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine).” I mean, come on:

I don’t know what he’s doing there, or what that leg-lifting move is called, but I love every second of it. I’m calling it “The Michael Shannon” from now on. He’s the guy at karaoke who’s going to put on the song that he wants to hear, and doesn’t care about anyone else in the room. Which is exactly what happened when he performed “Here Comes Your Man” by Pixies.

Never change, Michael Shannon. Out of that sleeveless shirt, I mean.