Mick Jenkins Drops His Long-Awaited Comeback Album, ‘Elephant In The Room’

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins returns with his new album, Elephant In The Room — the first full-length project he’s released since 2018’s Pieces Of A Man. While he did release an EP titled The Circus last year, Elephant In The Room is the first chance Mick fans have had to hear him detail his life’s changes since 2018 and he doesn’t disappoint; from the very first bar of the album, he tells us exactly how it’s been and how it’s going to be.

“Give a f*ck if yo’ pockets low, we been living lowkey,” he rhymes on “The Valley Of The Shadow of Death.” “Wonder how we was popping bottles, this far below deep.” It’s clear that some things haven’t changed: Mick’s emotive, vulnerable songwriting remains as compelling as ever, while his stark observations and razor-sharp wit still cut to the bone of any number of real-life topics, from “Things You Could Die For If Doing While Black” to feeling underappreciated on “Scottie Pippen.”

Mick rolled out the album with an engaging, revealing website that detailed his thoughts on crafting the album and on the songwriting philosophy behind additions such as “Contacts.” You can find the website here and use the password “Carefree” to access Mick’s calendar, contacts, notes, reminders, and photos. Listen to the full album below.