Migos’ ‘Straightenin’ Kicks Off The Rollout For Trio’s Highly-Anticipated Album, ‘Culture III’

This fall will mark three years since Migos released their last album, Culture II. The effort arrived at the height of their stardom, one that was sparked by the series’ predecessor and tracks like “Bad And Boujee.” Since then, music from the trio has been scarce, but it seems like all of that is about to change soon as they reunited for their latest single, “Straightenin,” which Quavo previewed in a video he posted on social media a couple of months ago. The teaser received a good response from fans and now that’s it’s here, fans seem very excited for the Migos’ upcoming album, Culture III.

The new track arrives with a video that portrays the trio surrounded by a large group of people while the Migos sit in luxury cars and hold large sums of money while flexing some muscle on the track. During an appearance on The ETCs podcast with Kevin Durant and Eddie Gonzalez, Quavo updated listeners on the album. “We done with the album, we just waiting on 2021, man, so everything can crack up,” he said. “We want the commotion, we want to move, we want to be outside. We want to drop it and go on tour. We want to have an album listening [party] and have people in that thang and really hearing the album.”

In February, Quavo returned with another Culture III update. “It’s coming real soon,” he said. “Less than a month and a half.” While that didn’t pan out to be true, it’s clear the album is well on its way to the ears of fans.

You can listen to “Straightenin” in the video above.