Miguel Experiments With Trap Beats And Surfboards On ‘Sky Walker’ Featuring Travis Scott

Los Angeleno R&B singer Miguel is back in the trap with ‘Sky Walker,’ featuring Travis Scott.

After teasing the another new single with Snoop Dogg on GGN and covering SZA’s slow-burning “The Weekend” at an LA art gallery, the mysterious crooner returned to drop off a brand new single featuring one of the biggest tickets in hip-hop, Travis Scott.

The video, which also dropped today to coincide with the single’s release, gives Travis a chance to flout the law a little bit after he was arrested for “inciting a riot” in Arkansas back in May by dancing on top a cop car during his verse.

Meanwhile, Miguel seems to be having plenty of fun himself, performing and shooting photos at a backyard party in an aloha-printed kimono (apparently, Hawaiian shirts are his thing now) with a multi-cultural group of friends, then hitting the beach to dispel the myth that Black people don’t surf. The 808-heavy track is a departure, but can an artist as experimental and eclectic as Miguel really be said to have departed from a sound? Unsurprisingly, he floats on the trappy production as well as he does on funkier fare, ensuring this late summer release will keep bumping long after all the Labor Day parties get shut down.

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