Missy Elliott And Sum1 Channel Their Inner Sexy In The Animated ‘DripDemeanor’ Video

Missy Elliott‘s musical comeback bid is complete, and now the iconic artist is taking a victory lap with another video release for “DripDemeanor.” “DripDemeanor” is the third track off of Missy’s latest project Iconology, her first new release in 14 years.

The video starts with a tracking shot of Missy’s foot wrapped in black biker heels before panning up to reveal Missy in all black with blue hair donning several rings and necklaces. An entourage of men and women in all-black biker clothes accompany Missy. As Missy starts her verse, her entourage serves as background dancers as they get in sync for a choreographed dance routine. Creative shots weave in and out of Missy fronting her entourage’s dance moves, including Missy as a talking head with objects in her verse, like panties, strawberries, and chocolates, falling out of her hair as she delivers the bars. Sum1 emerges from the entourage to sing the chorus. With the lights dimmed in the second verse, Missy and her crew glow in the dark with several luxury cars surrounding them with their headlights on. The video ends with Missy and her entourage laughing and dancing, then the camera cuts to Teyanna Taylor highlighting Missy in a museum as the timeless Queen she is.

Iconology is out now via Atlantic Recording Corporation. You can get the EP here, and check out our review of Iconology here.

Missy Elliott is a Warner Music artist. .