Missy Elliott’s Vintage R&B-Inspired ‘Why I Still Love You’ Video Tracks Three Decades Of Heartbreak

In her clever, vintage-inspired new video for “Why I Still Love You,” hip-hop icon Missy Elliott re-lives the history of R&B girl groups, picking up where her colorful videos for “Throw It Back” and “DripDemeanor” left off.

If you’ll recall, each of Missy’s prior videos from her return project Iconology features a little girl version of Missy in a classic, “Work It”-era Adidas tracksuit traversing a musical history museum as the paintings come to life to reveal Missy’s latest clip. In the “Why I Still Love You” video, little Missy tries to explain to her mother all the wonders of the previous clips, prompting her mom to launch into her own dreamy recollections of the heartbreak anthems of decades past.

This gives Missy a chance to do some classic costuming for a change, setting aside her usual Afrofuturistic regalia for the glitz of ’60s girl pop, the blown-out natural and tie-dye of the 1970s, and the teased-hair-and-leather-jacket punk look of her favorite decade, the ’80s. Throughout, Missy is flanked by the loyal members of her backup singers, The Demeanors, who help her put on a show and snap on a wannabe lover’s tired hustle.

Watch Missy Elliott’s “Why I Still Love You” video above.

Missy Elliott is a Warner Music artist. .