Let This Chopped And Screwed Soundtrack Remind You To Go Back And Watch ‘Moonlight’

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Moonlight — unlike the happy-go-lucky musical that was its main competition at this year’s Oscars — requires a fair bit of time to process and digest. Luckily, we have the city of Houston, whose producers and DJs have made an art form out of slowing way the hell down and really basking in the moment (well, that and the joys of prescription cough syrup). Crossing those two streams gave us Purple Moonlight, a chopped and screwed take on the Best Picture winner’s soundtrack from Chopstars’ affiliates DJ Candlestick and DJ Slim K.

The mixtape already has some high-level co-signs. Moonlight director Barry Jenkins tweeted out the tape yesterday. He apparently asked DJ Candlestick to make the tape available for download, though he maintains he was just passing on a message from the tape’s many fans.

The tweet was in character for Jenkins, who proved in a recent interview that he’s much more likely to give praise than quietly receive it. The director took offense at the idea that his film is being called “groundbreaking.”

“It’s only groundbreaking because these stories haven’t been told very often,” he said. “It’s not that the stories don’t exist, they just haven’t been told very often. Or when they have been told, they haven’t been met with the kind of reception this film has been met with…We’re just the film right now in a genre, in a space that isn’t very popular, that is getting the sort of reaction. And the only reason that I phrase it that way is because we didn’t do anything differently. I didn’t set out to make a groundbreaking film.”

Give the whole thing a listen up top. And don’t miss other screwed sensations like this recent tape of Solange and Beyonce that celebrates the pair’s Houston roots. For more Moonlight, check out our review of the film and our interview with its breakout star Mahershala Ali.