Coi Leray Stars In Mooski’s Video For ‘Track Star’ As His On-And-Off Love Interest

Back in June 2020, Alabama rapper Mooski released what became one of today’s most popular hip-hop songs, “Track Star.” The melodic bass-driven tune finds the rapper speaking about a love interest who can’t seem to keep things exclusive with him, always running away only to return a short time later. Nearly a year after the song’s release, Mooski drops a video for the track that gives images to his words.

The rapper’s on-and-off lover is played by Coi Leray, who has attained viral moments of her own thanks to tracks like “No More Parties.” After meeting at a party, Mooski is quick to pick up on Leray’s habit of running away. So he cozies up to another girl, played by there-time Grammy-winning songwriter Nija Charles.When Leray returns, she sees Mooski and Charles spending time together, which upsets her and causes her to runaway once again.

After the success of “Track Star,” Mooski kicked off 2021 with his latest single, “Game Of Love,” which has also racked up more than 475 million views on TikTok and over 42 million global streams. As for Leray, her track “No More Parties” was certified Gold by the RIAA.

You can watch the video for Mooski’s “Track Star” above.