Here’s The Mormon Remake Of ‘What Does The Fox Say’ You Probably Didn’t Want For Christmas

I can’t wait to pop the Mormon remake of “What Does The Fox Say” onto my iPod and proceed to drive directly into an embankment. It manages to take everything you love and hate about the original tune, Ylvis’ “The Fox,” and Mormonize it to the point of diabetic overload.

The video was thrown together as a Christmas gift to the world by the Taft Canyon Ward Bishopric for their annual talent show thingy, but I can’t be bothered with details. I’m stuck on the video.

There’s an overabundance of smiles, bad humor and enough off key singing to make even the strongest man go mad. This video makes me want to hurt myself in a bathtub while this song is playing prominently in the background. I hated the original song and I hate this as well, but at least it makes me laugh from ridiculousness. Laughing all the way to the grave and eventually Hell.

(Image via Jordan Steel)