Morrissey Really Did Say All Those Controversial Things, Newly Released Audio Proves

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Literally yesterday, we were writing about Morrissey’s questioning of print media and blaming them for controversial statements that emerged. In a message on Facebook, he blamed publication Der Spiegel and called them out for not releasing audio of quotes where he sympathized with the abusers and doubted the accusers in the situations with Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein.

He also wrote, “Would I kill Donald Trump? No, never. Would I support Kevin Spacey’s private proclivities? No, never. Would I ever support abuse of children? No, never. Would I support sexual harassment? No, never. Would I support rape? No, never. Would Der Spiegel convey my views fairly? No, never. Would I ever again speak to print media? No, never.” In Morrissey’s eyes, the statements that got support from Donald Trump Jr. and felt the wrath of Shirley Manson didn’t happen as they were reported.

Well, today the German publication in question has put the complete audio of the Morrissey interview on their website and it turns out he really did say all the awful things he was criticized for. The website has even been kind enough to put timestamps up so that you can skip to the particularly bad stuff. It even turns out that he has some pretty questionable things to say about Europe, calling Germany the “rape capital of Europe” and speaking at lengths about the dangers of multiculturalism.

Check out the full interview at Der Spiegel and judge for yourself, but Morrissey’s whole defense now looks like it holds no water.