Director Ed Buckles Wants To Give Moxie Knox Room To Thrive In Her ‘Love Me Right’ Video

With the help of fans, Sprite® and Uproxx connected rising star Moxie Knox and a crowdsourced group of emerging creatives to bring to life a music video for her self-love-anthem “Love Me Right.” Follow us as we introduce you to Moxie’s creative collaborators as they each put their mark on this project.

The creative energies of a lot of people go into the making of a music video, but it’s one person’s job to pull all those individual efforts together and point a project in one specific direction. And in the case of Moxie Knox’s upcoming “Love Me Right” video, that responsibility lies with New Orleans-based director Ed Buckles.

Buckles’ directing philosophy is one that focuses on the video’s subject. As he says, the people in his videos are what drive both the aesthetic and the narrative: “I think that I’m always about using people as the art in my projects: Using skin tones, using textures, [using] the beauty of the people to really tell my story.”

He goes on to say that his goal is to create an environment that will allow Knox to thrive like she never has before, saying, “I’m hoping that we can make Moxie feel so comfortable on set that she’s going to give the best performance she’s ever given. That’s mad exciting, right?”

Mad exciting, indeed, and that’s an energy that Buckles’ collaborators will surely welcome on this project. Stick with us for more profiles of the people behind the “Love Me Right” video leading up to its premiere