Director Of Photography Jon Pham Is All About Using Light To Influence The Mood In A Music Video

With the help of fans, Sprite® and Uproxx connected rising star Moxie Knox and a crowdsourced group of emerging creatives to bring to life a music video for her self-love-anthem “Love Me Right.” Follow us as we introduce you to Moxie’s creative collaborators as they each put their mark on this project.

Literally everything you’ve ever seen is the result of your eyes processing light. Naturally, then, light is an integral part of any visual presentation, including Moxie Knox’s upcoming “Love Me Right” music video. With that in mind, it’s important to consider the role light plays in the video, and Jon Pham is poised to ensure that that is expertly addressed. Pham was selected to work as director of photography on this project, and he’s focussed on the power of light.

“I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with light. I’m always observing it. It just has such a big impact on mood,” says Pham, giving us a hint of the tone we can expect when we get to see the finished project. Pham is also excited to be working with Knox and Sprite®because it speaks to his desire to see broad representation in arts and culture, telling Uproxx that, “I really respect Sprite® because they’re always putting people of color on the map, and to be a part of putting minorities out there, it means a lot to me.”

Pham has teamed up with some other up-and-coming artists to make Knox’s video for “Love Me Right” a reality, so check out our other video profiles of the creative people involved in the video as you await its premiere.