Mozzy Offers A Fresh Take On A Quarantine-Recorded Video With ‘Body Count’

Grammy-nominated rapper Mozzy just released his full-length effort Beyond Bulletproof. Now, Mozzy celebrates the record’s release with a clever video accompanying one of his collaborative tracks. Following social distancing guidelines, Mozzy, G Herbo, and King Von share a creative take with their quarantine-recorded “Body Count” visual.

The visual opens with a parody of a newscaster discussing how the coronavirus “is going crazy.” The remainder of the video sees each rapper performing from their respective homes, with Mozzy only opening the door to accept a food delivery order from a suspiciously sick delivery man.

Ahead of the visual’s release, Mozzy spoke with Uproxx about Beyond Bulletproof and what he does to become a better person:

“Spending more time with my children, that always helps. It fulfills me. Looking out for people. Instead of looking out for a couple of people this month, we going to look out for 20 people. Even if it’s small, even if it’s minute. Just looking out for people. I’m taking it to the next level of looking out. Just going further with it. Reading; that always assists me. It helps mold me. Dedicating myself to my family. Understanding what a priority is. Understanding how to prioritize and just understanding that we are limited to time on this earth and so whatever it is that I want to accomplish, whether it’s with family, financially, socially, I got a bite down. I got to live within a moment. I got to do it right now, right now. Practicing living in the moment always help me.”

Watch Mozzy’s “Body Count” video above.

Beyond Bulletproof is out now via Empire. Get it here.