People Are Freaking Out Over Mulatto And Fivio Foreign Flirting In Their ‘XXL’ Cypher

The XXL Freshman Cypher is often the most exciting part of the process for fans, and not just because of the opportunity to see the next generation of hip-hop superstars trade bars in a long-respected format. Often, the Cypher becomes the proving ground showcasing evidence that counters old head arguments that “nobody can rap anymore” or the jumping off point for a new wave of memes based on each artists’ performances — or their reactions to each others’ raps.

That’s what’s happening now with the 2020 Class, as Mulatto‘s Cypher verse has her name trending thanks to both a barrage of deft rhymes that impressed skeptics and one line in particular that’s set digital tongues wagging at the water cooler that is Twitter. Incorporating her co-star Fivio Foreign into her verse, she spits, “I ain’t even f*cked a rap n**** yet but if Fivio want to I ain’t going pass on it.” Of course, the line by itself is eyebrow-raising, but what’s really got fans amused is the camera angle, which catches Fivio’s reaction in the background as he hears the line. Let’s just say that he seems amiable to the proposition in question.

Naturally, Twitter launched into another session of humorous observations and sight gags playing off of Fivio’s delighted expression. Meanwhile, many fans took the opportunity to shoot down early attempts to pit Mulatto against last year’s standout, Megan Thee Stallion, rejecting the comparisons of one user who missed the memo that there’s now room for more than one female rapper in the limelight.

Check out the best reactions below.