Some Fans Are Dismayed That Rapper Mulatto Is Still Performing Shows During The Pandemic

After big looks like an appearance in the oh-so-viral “WAP” music video, and her own debut album, Queen Of Da Souf, rising rapper Mulatto has been having a breakout year in 2020.

So much so, that she seems to have decided to continue performing live shows during the pandemic, a decision that some fans are dismayed by. The show don’t seem to include any social distancing measures, and flaunt guidelines like avoiding crowds, indoor spaces, and even mask guidelines are all being completely ignored in these settings. In social media clips and videos of last night’s performance at D’Truth Nightclub in Valdosta, Georgia, none of the attendees seem to be wearing masks, and there is definitely not a lot of space between them.

One clip seems to be showing the fire marshall coming in to shut the show down, with mixed results:

On their Facebook page, the club promoted the event as “Baddies Night Out” and also posted video of the performance from a different perspective, showing just how close crowd members are to each other:

People are sharing thoughts on Twitter about how these events could be risking the spread of COVID-19 and putting lives in danger:

The risk of the pandemic is exactly why the rest of the music industry has shut down live shows for now. Hopefully, these shows won’t continue and Mulatto will begin to understand the risks — she wasn’t wearing a mask, either.