Nas Was ‘Too High’ To Finish A Collaboration With Biggie

Nas’ record King’s Disease dropped last week and the veteran rapper has been reminiscing on his early career in promotional interviews. Nas recently recalled his final conversation with Tupac was over a diss track. Now, the rapper reminisces on the time he was supposed to record a verse for Notorious B.I.G., but hit a major roadblock.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Nas gave an explanation as to why his Biggie collaboration never saw the light of day:

“I got too high. I was in the studio and Big was rolling up some of that Chocolate from Brooklyn and he didn’t warn me. I was zonked out, yo. There’s pictures of that session out there. I think, yeah, we were supposed to do a couple of songs. I was going to remix some stuff for Ready To Die. One of them I did was ‘Gimme The Loot.'”

Charlamagne Tha God was incredulous at Nas’ story: “And you got too high to get on ‘Gimme The Loot.’ Why not come back the next day?” Nas replied, “Still high.”

The rapper continued that, back in the day, it was difficult to line things up. “Man, that smoke. We were smokers and still are, still am,” Nas said. “Things happened, I lived far out in Manhattan and at the time, coming to the city was like a mission. It was hard to get me to move, man.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Nas addressed the fact his release dates always seem to line up with Jay-Z’s: “Yo, bro that’s a hell of coincidence; that’s some confidence for you!” he said. “I think things just happen; just synergy, you know? Jay would know better than me.”

Watch a clip of Nas’ The Breakfast Club interview above.

King’s Disease is out now via Mass Appeal. Get it here.

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