Nas Admits That He And Kanye West Rushed ‘Nasir’

In a new interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Nas finally admits what many long suspected — that despite having months to work on it from when it was announced, he and Kanye West rushed through the development of their joint album, Nasir, which contributed to its lukewarm reception among fans.

While Nas has openly admitted a penchant for procrastination on his own projects the past, this time is seems he can pin the failings on Kanye’s distractedness as he tried to stir too many pots at once. “[Kanye] was working on a lot,” Nas says. “He had Cudi, Teyana Taylor, he had his album. I was the only one coming in starting fresh. So I had less time with him. We really did that album the week it was supposed to come out.”

He says that the reason so many of the seven songs from the project sound sort of incomplete is because they mostly were. “I don’t know what went wrong,” he confesses, “But I would say I did want to work more with him. I did spend some time there with him, but I was working on ideas. He would give me a few loops and I would write to them, but they wasn’t finished.”

Nas also explains the production of his new project with Hit-Boy, King’s Disease, which is receiving a much more positive response after getting off to a shaky start with “Ultra Black.”

Watch Nas’ full interview with The Breakfast Club above.