Nav And Lil Baby Explain Why They ‘Don’t Need Friends’ In A Tempestuous Video

After securing back-to-back No. 1 albums with Good Intentions earlier this year, Nav decided to drop yet another project. The rapper shared his record Emergency Tsunami Friday, which boasts features from the likes of Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Gunna. Celebrating the release of his second LP of the year, Nav and Lil Baby teamed up to flaunt their success in the stormy “Don’t Need Friends” video.

The visual opens with Nav remaining calm in the face of a towering thunderstorm. Nav then joins Lil Baby to show off their chains while rapping about others being jealous of their rise to fame. The two aren’t fazed though, as they know they can lean on their wealth for comfort rather than waste time with two-faced friends. “Whole pool heated up and it cost a hundred thousand / ‘Cause I left this sh*t runnin’, I can turn nothin’ to somethin’ / Book me a show and I fly out the country / I eat at Nobu when I get the munchies,” Nav raps.

Just ahead of Nav’s album release, the rapper teased the upcoming project with a brazen trailer. Nav stitched together recognizable scenes from the 2009 Korean natural disaster film Tidal Wave, apt scenery to present an album titled Emergency Tsunami.

Watch Nav’s ‘Don’t Need Friends’ video with Lil Baby above.

Emergency Tsunami is out now via XO Records. Get it here.