Some Of The NBA Draft Picks Don’t Know Who Outkast Is And People Are Disappointed In The New Generation


Another year of the NBA draft means fresh faces coming to the sport. Several of the picks are not even 20 years old. It will likely be hard to discern these players age on the court, but their youngness became wildly apparent when they were asked about ’90s pop culture. ESPN quizzed several of these post-’90s ballers on popular relics from the era. The players couldn’t identify an Easy Bake Oven, Super Nintendo, Destiny’s Child, or even the iconic duo Outkast. The lack of ’90s knowledge held by this new draft generation made people highly upset and take to Twitter to share their existential crisis.

Many people were just plain disappointed in this generation of NBA picks.

The fact that these players were too young to listen to Outkast when they grew up were making many people realize how old they were.

Others blamed the player’s parents for not introducing them to 90’s music.

Some were hoping the iconic group were making new music when they saw Outkast’s name trending.

The boys also struggled to name Destiny’s Child. Instead, the “Say My Name” group was called “Spice Girls,” “Beyonce Sisters,” and even “The Cheetah Girls.”

Watch Coby White, Rui Hachimura, P.J. Washington, and others get schooled at ’90s trivia.