Neil Young Plans To Release ‘Four Or Five Crazy Horse Albums That Have Never Been Heard’

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Neil Young’s new online Archives website has been an absolute boon for fans who have followed the Canadian singer-songwriter’s career across the span of decades. Though it’s only been up for less than a year, Neil has already used it as a catalyst to release two tremendous albums that have languished unheard for decades, the sparse, acoustic record Hitchhiker, and more recently, Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live that was recorded with his band the Santa Monica Flyers back in 1973. And, as he recently told Yahoo, there’s way more to come.

It seems like the reunion gigs he staged with his longtime band Crazy Horse has spurred Neil to revisit the work he created with that group, and he alleges that there are “four or five Crazy Horse albums that have never been heard, that are sitting there ready to come out.” But that’s not all. He also plans to roll out the long-rumored film that was supposed to come out in conjunction with his maligned 1982 electronic album Trans.

“It didn’t come out because Geffen Records pulled the funding for the videos because they didn’t like the record,” he explained. The way he describes the film, a 35-minute animated feature that he created with Micah Nelson, son of Willie and leader of the band Promise Of The Real, it sounds absolutely bonkers. “Every song has got characters; a lot of the characters go from song to song. There’s a factory where they’re making people, and they’re making like clones of people, and computerized versions. When I sing, it’s me but it’s not me, it’s my ‘Neil 2’ that’s singing ‘Mr. Soul’ and other songs.”

You can check out Neil’s full interview with Yahoo here.