Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’ Film Reportedly Ended Up On Netflix Thanks To A ‘Ridiculously Big Money Offer’

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Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella set is one of the most esteemed music festival performances of all time, and now it has been immortalized thanks to her new Netflix film, Homecoming. The special is one of Netflix’s most talked-about releases of 2019 so far, and it turns out that they paid a ton of money to bring the film to their platform.

Citing “industry sources,” Vulture reports that at one point, it was possible that Homecoming would end up on HBO. That would have made sense, considering her relationship with the network: Her Lemonade special aired there, as well as her 2013 documentary Life Is But A Dream and her On The Run concert special. Beyonce and HBO had conversations about the movie, but apparently, Netflix stepped in with “a ridiculously big money offer,” one that HBO decided they couldn’t or shouldn’t match. Unfortunately, it is not publicly known exactly how much Netflix paid to secure Homecoming.

The streaming platform has paid big money for music content in the not-so-distant past: Netflix paid over $20 million for the rights to Bruce Springsteen’s Springsteen On Broadway special. Additionally, Netflix has famously shelled out a ton of cash for stand-up comedy specials. They gave Chris Rock $40 million for a pair of specials, and they gave Dave Chappelle $60 million for a trio of stand-up sets. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn, then, that Beyonce made a similar amount, or even more given her star power.