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11.05.18 7 months ago

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This was a great week for pop music self-love. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Party For One,” the first single off her upcoming album, is a song about being alone, but there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. There’s power and joy in being alone, in being confident and content with yourself. Ariana Grande surprise-dropped her self-love anthem “Thank U, Next” on Saturday. If Sweetener was about the happy infatuation new love brings, this new era sees her falling in love with her own poise and strength. Like Ariana says, “that sh*t’s amazing.”

We’ve also got the long-awaited return of Marina And The Diamonds, some surprise King Princess, and, yes, another song from the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack. The movie is out, but please let these covers never stop dropping. Every Monday, Uproxx rounds up the very best pop releases from the week. Love yourself, and love these songs.

King Princess, “P*ssy Is God”

Earlier this year, Ariana Grande said that God is a woman. On “P*ssy Is God,” King Princess is saying a version of the same sentiment. Yes, women are amazing. Specifically, this woman is amazing. Mikaela Straus alternates between worshipful infatuation and chill irony. The object of her love is so incredible that she’s a deity who deserves to be worshipped for hours, but Staus also describes her as a very down-to-earth “cute.” Her love contains multitudes. Along with the single, King Princess also announced a US tour, if you wanna join in prayer alongside the goddess herself.

Carly Rae Jepsen, “Party For One”

No matter what Carly Rae Jepsen is singing about, she sounds like pure joy. In every song, whether she’s longing for a boy to call her (maybe) or shattered heartbroken, Jepsen sounds like this is her first time being in love, and all the excitement and feeling have her ready to burst. The infectious happiness in Jepsen’s voice is what makes “Party For One.” She’s thrilled to be on her own, thrilled to dance with herself. She’s alone, but she’s not lonely. A party for one is still a party, right?

Hailee Steinfeld, “Back To Life”

Hailee Steinfeld is a woman of many talents. She was an Academy Award nominee when she was still in elementary school. She starred in one of the best coming-of-age movies of the last decade (Edge Of Seventeen!). She’s a pop star on the rise, with an ear for great hooks. Her newest movie, Bumblebee, is part of the Transformers franchise, so she might not be getting any Academy Awards for this one. But “Back To Life,” which is on the movie’s soundtrack, is a dance-pop bop with a catchy chorus. It might even be enough to get me to check out the movie.

Troye Sivan, “Somebody To Love”

Speaking of movie soundtracks, Bohemian Rhapsody was finally released on Friday, and I had resigned myself to the fact that we would probably not get any more amazing covers from its soundtrack. Over the past couple weeks, pop’s biggest princes have been dropping amazing Queen covers — Shawn Mendes did an acoustic version of “Under Pressure,” and 5 Seconds Of Summer went faithfully bombastic with “Killer Queen.” Troye Sivan brought his understated angst and longing to a beautiful cover of “Somebody To Love.” Sivan made the song his own, swapping Queen’s choirs for some subtle piano, letting his own voice and artistry shine even in a cover. If this is the last cover we’re getting from the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack, I’m glad we got to go out with such a great one.

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