Nicki Minaj Is Using Twitter To Find A New Girlfriend For Her Brother

Her bars may be harder than most, but Nicki Minaj is just regular old Onika Maraj to her loving family. The big softie pledged her love and loyalty to her brothers on “All Things Go” and proved it once more on Twitter on Thursday night.

With the Cuffing Season drafting officially under way, Nicki’s shifting focus from her big brother’s child rape charges to cuffing a bae for her baby bro. “Lookin for a new gf for Caiah,” Nicki tweeted to her millions of teenage followers last night. The tweet was all hopeful fans wanting to be Nicki’s potential sister-in-law were waiting for to bombard her mentions with proposals.

The feedback was so great that the “Truffle Butter” rapper is now contemplating rounding up all the eligible candidates for one big matchmaking lituation. “Maybe I should throw a party for him with nothing but 18/19 year old girls. Send me your applications. All races are welcome #inviteOnly,” she also tweeted.

Nicki said ideal candidates must be “pleasant, understanding, intelligent and ambitious” as well “good, faithful and God-fearing.” One mom even tried to pim–err–match her daughter up with Caiah, tweeting to the rap superstar, “My daughter would be the best option! She’s from Trinidad, she’s 19 very confident, smart, loyal and INDEPENDENT.” Nicki was a fan of the young woman, retweeting with kissing face emojis. After retweeting and replying to a number of applicants, Nicki had to dip so she could “set the party up.”

Must be nice having a celebrity sister!