Nicki Minaj Says Jennifer Hough Is Lying For Money In A Response To The Harassment Lawsuit Against Her

Nicki Minaj thinks that Jennifer Hough, the woman suing Nicki and her husband Kenneth Petty for harassment, is angling for a payday, according to legal documents the rap star has filed in response to the suit. TMZ reports that Nicki asks the court to sanction Hough, accusing her of falsely alleging harassment. In particular, Nicki’s lawyers maintain that Hough did not try to hide her number from Nicki as she previously stated and that Hough changed part of her story during a recent television appearance.

As evidence, Nicki’s attorneys claim that Hough texted Nicki after changing her number to tell her “US Marshalls are asking questions!!!” Meanwhile, regarding the interview, court documents filed by Hough say that her brother told her a lawyer representing Petty reached out to her with an offer of $500,000 to recant her 1995 testimony against him for sexual assault, while Nicki is also included in Hough’s harassment suit. Taken together, they believe these inconsistencies prove Hough is shaking down Nicki when her dispute should be with Nicki’s husband.

Hough filed suit against both this past August, accusing them of harassment, witness intimidation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She said that the couple’s representatives have badgered her relentlessly since 2019, hoping to get Petty removed from the sex offenders list, where he must be registered since being convicted of raping Hough in 1995. Petty has since insisted that she was a “willing participant” and Nicki has filed a motion to have the case dismissed. Neither has addressed Nicki’s prior insistence that the victim was white (disproven, obviously), nor that she was dating Petty at the time of the incident (disputed by Hough), neither of which would absolve Petty of sexual assault even if they were true.