Here’s A Teaser Clip Of Nicki Minaj Entering ‘The Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Reunion

As previously announced back in July, Nicki Minaj will be taking the place of regular host Andy Cohen for one of the biggest housewives reunions this year. The Real Housewives Of Potomac need a stabilizing force like the Sagittarius energy Minaj brings to the table (yes, obviously I’m bringing up astrology and Housewives in the same post, sue me) and that’s exactly what they’re going to get. Though we don’t yet know what all is going to go down in what are often very dramatic rehashes of the season, it’s now clear that Minaj will be part of it.

In a dramatic teaser clip, all the ladies react to Minaj walking into the set:

The longer trailer shows that Andy will definitely be involved as a host and moderator for some of the reunion, which stretches to a whopping four parts (!) but ends with the clip of Nicki walking in, that’s excerpted above. Check out the full trailer here:

This will be a more positive moment for Minaj, who has been embroiled in a not-so-great moment for her collaboration with Jesy Nelson, “Boyz.” The former Little Mix member has been accused of “blackfishing” in the clip, and though Nicki has defended her, most of the internet agrees that Nelson’s portrayal was offensive.

We’ll see if Nicki can steer the topic away from herself and her own drama while she moderates this reunion.