Ninja From Die Antwoord Tells The Most WTF Story About Kanye West You’ll Ever Hear

In stories about Kanye West, a certain level of WTF-ery is expected. But no preconceived notions of Kanye’s dope life can prepare you for the story Die Antwoord’s Ninja tells about meeting the Life of Pablo rapper.

Apparently, Ninja says he met up with Kanye West at his home to mess around in the studio. But he couldn’t get the images of Kanye the creator of “Mercy” and Kanye the real, live person to gel.

“I was trying to work it out, ’cause you know Kanye’s weird,” he said. “Some of those tracks are like the sickest f*cking sh*t ever. I don’t know how that dude can make that.”

While Ninja kept trying to talk tracks, Kanye kept interrupting in stranger and stranger ways. According to the South African rapper, ‘Ye turned on some incredibly NSFW porn without warning.

“I had this idea for a track and, as I’m about to say the sh*t about the track, Kanye just turns on an anal sex video. Like a random anal sex video,” he said. “And then Kanye says, ‘Why is this guy putting his whole hand in her ass with his dick?’ And then he turned back to me and said, ‘Sorry, what were you saying?'”

But the strangeness didn’t end with a #manyfingersinthebootyassbitch. As soon as Ninja tried to return to his idea, Kanye asked him if he liked banana pudding. Because of the context, Ninja said he was worried that banana pudding could be a euphemism, but accepted the offer after West clarified that Kim Kardashian had made dessert.

The Chappie star said he was so completely freaked out by the whole experience that he did the dishes following their meal and promptly blocked Kanye’s number. Keep in mind we’re talking about a guy who looks like this, and Yeezy was too odd for him. Now, this all sounds a little too crazy to be true, but who can really say? If we hear Kanye rapping about Banana Pudding on his next LP, then we’ll know the truth.

(Via BroBible)