Noname Makes Her Long-Awaited Return To The Spotlight With The Announcement Of A New Album, ‘Room 25’

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Hip-hop is known for being a self-aggrandizing, flashy genre of music, but if ever there was a rapper who seemed utterly averse to the spotlight, it’s Chicago’s Noname. Closely affiliated with Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa’s Savemoney crew and Saba’s Pivot, everything about Noname screams (or rather, whispers) “low-key,” from her chosen nom de plume to her social media handles (@Nonameishiding on Instagram).

However, all that may change this Friday as she gears up for the release of her long-awaited sophomore album, Room 25, which she announced in typical Noname fashion, deleting all of her tweets and Instagram photos to make room for the cover, title, and date of the new project.
Noname rang all kinds of bells in the critical community with her poetic, soulful debut, Telefone, in 2016, garnering praise for her relatable, down-to-earth, coming-of-age narratives and out-of-the-box writing style.

But rather than capitalizing with a big media blowout like many hip-hop artists, she opted to live up to her Instagram handle, more-or-less going into hiding and leaving her newly cultivated fan base clamoring for more. It appears they are finally getting their wish on September 14, as she steps into the spotlight once again, two years older and wiser, now hopefully ready for the acclaim and attention that comes along with her outstanding level of talent.

So far, the only information on the release is the tracklist, which you can see below. Room 25 is out independently this Friday.

1. “Self”
2. “Blaxploitation”
3. “Prayer Song”
4. “Window”
5. “Don’t Forget About Me”
6. “Regal”
7. “Montego Bae”
8. “Ace”
9. “Part of Me”
10. “With You”
11. “No Name”