Obie Trice Is Alleged To Have Accidentally Shot His Girlfriend’s Son In The Groin

Veteran rapper Obie Trice was arrested and is now the subject of a police inquiry after an argument with his alleged girlfriend Friday ended with a shooting. Police say a gun held by Trice misfired during an argument and a bullet struck the son of his girlfriend in the groin.

According to WXYZ Detroit, Trice and his girlfriend were in Commerce Township, Michigan when the couple got into a verbal argument in their home. After reportedly drinking all day, Trice allegedly pushed the woman, which coaxed her 18-year-old son to intervene in order to break up the fight. After a physical altercation, Trice’s girlfriend and son left the home as Trice picked up a handgun. Upon seeing the handgun, the son feared he would get shot and attempted to disarm Trice. During the disarmament process, the gun fired the 18-year-old was struck in the groin by a bullet.

Trice’s girlfriend took her son to the hospital where he is sustaining the injury. Police say the bullet casing was recovered in the driveway of the incident and the handgun used by Trice is unregistered. According to TMZ, Trice was apprehended by police on two counts, felony assault with a gun and violating a restraining order, and his bail is set at $16,900.

Trice was previously signed to Shady Records, the record label founded by Eminem in 1999, and featured on the soundtrack to Eminimen’s biopic 8 Mile. He left Shady Records to form his own label, Black Market Entertainment, in 2010 where he went on to release five studio albums.