OK Go’s Brand New Video Only Needs 4.2 Seconds To Blow Your Mind

Reliable pop-punkers OK Go have been cranking out brain-melting music videos at such a steady clip, you wouldn’t blame the band if they just wanted to do a video where everyone eats garlic bread in bed. (Of course, we might blame them because music fandom can sometimes be a greedy thing.) The latest feat of visual magic from OK Go? Bending the laws of time for our personal amusement.

After a stretch of teases, OK Go unveiled their “The One Moment” promo directed by frontman Damian Kulash which is also associated with Morton’s Salt because kids love salt. (Also the video doubles as a promotional tool for the brand’s #WalkHerWalk campaign.) The clip for the Hungry Ghosts track features the band engaging in 4.2 seconds of colorful mayhem with the slowest of mo’s showcasing every tiny nuance. It’s the sort of thing where you still feel oddly nervous that everything might fall apart despite the fact OK Go aren’t going to release a 4-minute video of a frustrated Kulash readjusting gaffer tape or anything like that.

“Most of our videos have sought to deliver wonder and surprise, and this one is no exception,” explain the band in the accompanying notes. “But usually our tone has been more buoyant, more exuberant. For this song — our most heartfelt and sincere — we wanted the sense of wonder to be more intimate and contemplative.” If you’re looking for more videos from the band, check out the series of clips we used to cope with election disappointment.

A series of precise triggers operate in sync with robotic arms and cameras to capture the concentrated burst of action in a way that appeals to brainiacs and stoners alike. OK Go’s “The One Moment” is busy, fascinating and dripping with paint and a welcome addition to the band’s videography. Please investigate your apartment’s damage deposit policy before attempting anything in this or any or other music video.