Premiere: Oliver Hazard Lament An Ill-Fated Romance On The Thumping Folk-Pop Single ‘Hey Louise’

Music News Editor

Andrew Keyser

Sometimes, it might feel like the world is falling apart around you and nothing is going right, although it doesn’t seem like the members of Oliver Hazard can really relate to that, at least in terms of the band’s formation. Actually, everything came together pretty perfectly: Three childhood friends — now a maintenance worker, a salesman, and an adventure guide — reconnected in their hometown of Waterville, Ohio. They met up, wrote some songs, happened to win some studio time in a Facebook contest, and used that session to record ten tracks, live and on the spot.

The whole process happened in just three weeks, and what resulted is a lovely indie folk album that’s set to come out this year. They wowed with the single “Caesar Knows,” and now Uproxx is happy to premiere another new song, a light and thumping slice of folk-pop called “Hey Louise.”

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