OT Genasis’ ‘Tonight’ Parodies Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ As Another Crip Anthem

OT Genasis is back with yet another remake of a classic song. Earlier this year, the rapper debuted a cinematic remake of Keyshia Cole’s 2006 R&B hit “Love,” and it wasn’t your average remix. OT transformed the tune into a crip anthem with out-of-tune vocals and a high-production accompanying video. Now, he’s taken his parody styles a step further with a remake of Vanessa Carlton’s 2002 hit “A Thousand Miles,” which he’s done as yet another crip anthem. With a similar lyrical delivery, OT croons lines like, “I always got my heat,” and “I’ll put you under.”

“A Thousand Miles,” still a classic, has fueled countless parodies, most notably Terry Crews’ scene in the 2004 film White Chicks. But OT Genasis breathes new life into the track. Ripping the original instrumentals, OT replaces Carlton’s chorus with, “When I meet you, I won’t miss you / I’ll put you under / ‘Cause you gon’ fall, from my 9 / I like walk-ups, I love drive-bys / ‘Cause you know I’ll hit you with my 9 / Yo momma won’t see you tonight.”

Of course, Twitter couldn’t resist making jokes after the rapper debuted the track.

One user wrote they were both “terrified” and “deeply moved” by the cover.

Others were simply confused.



As one top commenter on OT’s YouTube video aptly puts it, “I’m all for OT Genesis becoming the Black Crip Weird Al Yankovic.”

Watch OT Genasis’ “Tonight” above.

OT Genasis is a Warner Music artist. .