Pablo Escobar’s Estate Is Reportedly Suing 2 Chainz For Millions Over His Atlanta Restaurant’s Name

2 Chainz’s co-owned Atlanta eatery Escobar Restaurant And Tapas has gotten the rapper into hot water yet again. The restaurant was previously shut down after violating coronavirus safety procedures. This time, 2 Chainz has managed to anger the family of a renowned drug lord. 2 Chainz faces a legal action over his restaurant’s use of Pablo Escobar’s name.

According to a report from XXL, the estate of Pablo Escobar, Escobar Inc., filed a lawsuit against 2 Chainz and his business partner Mychel “Snoop” Dillard. The lawsuit denotes the family’s quarrel over the unauthorized commercial use of Escobar’s name in the restaurant’s brand. The estate claims they have resister and trademarked Escobar’s name and the lawsuit accuses 2 Chainz and Dillard of infringing on their trademark rights.

The lawsuit also claims the restaurant causes confusion in their use of Escobar’s name and cites several menu items like Escobar Crab Cakes, Escobar Breakfast, Escobar Cobb, and The Columbian. XXL reports that Escobar Inc. seeks a hefty $10 million from the lawsuit as restitution for the money earned from Escobar’s title.

The lawsuit arrives only shortly after 2 Chainz’s restaurant reopened after being closed due to the pandemic. The rapper and his business partner had used the restaurant’s kitchen to prepare meals to donate to the homeless. 2 Chainz and Dillard were able to hand out over 120 charitable meals in just one day. The restaurant has since reopened for business, but the new lawsuit could hinder their future plans.