Chvrches And Hayley Williams Pair Up For ‘Bury It’ On Paramore’s ‘Parahoy!’ Cruise

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03.10.16 2 Comments

It was a pair-up so earthshaking that it had to happen at sea. Perhaps that’s dipping into hyperbole a bit, but you saw the names in the headline, said “oooh, that might be good,” and here we are talking about an exciting nautical merger.

As the U.S. Coast Guard likely informed you, the second PARAHOY! cruise went down this past week headlined and curated by the irreplaceable pop rockers in Paramore. The seafaring folk who joined the band were also treated to performances from the likes of Scottish tune vendors Chvrches, pop punkers New Found Glory, the art of “Paraoke,” and potential water-based nausea were also in the cards! Now, when you have this many bands aboard a vessel out in the middle of nowhere, there is high potential for a super jam. Luckily, Chvrches and Hayley Williams joined forces to rock some bvtts off.

Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams joined the band for a windy and rollicking rendition of the Every Open Eye anthem “Bury It.” The track’s been getting a healthy workout from Lauren Mayberry & Co. as the Scots trek around the globe, but there’s a turbo boost of glowing exuberance in this tag-team effort. Plus, there were a lot of “wooooos” and bits of clapping at the end so a lovely time was had by all.

It’s not the first time Williams and Chvrches have paired for a dual performance of the 2015 shoulda-been single. Way back in the simpler days of October, “Bury It” enjoyed an assist from Hayley Williams at a Nashville Chrvches stop. Seeing as they’ve shared the song at land and at sea, space seems like the next logical step. Get on it, NASA.

(via Stereogum)

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