A Swarm Of People Tried To Hop The Fence At Lollapalooza, And The Video Is Wild

It’s Lollapalooza weekend in Chicago, which means record cases of heat stroke, crowded trains full of drunk teens heading home to Naperville, and, of course, killer music. With headliners like Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, and Tame Impala, it’s no wonder that people without tickets are doing everything they can to get in.

Apparently a group of creative young people decided that the best way to get through a guarded fence was to… just blast through the damn thing. Judging from footage posted to Twitter, a group of what looks like 50+ people attempted to hop the fence at Lolla Friday afternoon, even knocking over a good portion of it. According to WGNChicago, the effort may have been pre-planned and coordinated.

Police told the local Chicago station that none of the people in the video ended up successfully getting into the festival. In video footage of the event, Lolla festival guards are completely outnumbered, but it looks like an officer was able to stop one fence-jumper with a prosthetic leg.

Obviously, with so many people and so much chaos, it’s a major safety hazard. It sounds like no one got hurt, but fences are usually at festivals for a reason. Following the incident, police told WGNChicago that they will be beefing up their resources along the perimeter of the festival and adding more bike teams to patrol the festival grounds.

Watch video footage of the fence-hopping pandemonium above.